Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer Rain

I am only off every second weekend, so I was really looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather! But as my luck would have it, it's pouring rain outside. The national weather forecast is calling for a rainfall warning. I almost feel like staying inside, catching up on some books I've neglected so far this summer, and watching old reruns of Sex and the City.

Or, I could...

Put on a yellow raincoat, like this one:

And a pair of pink rainboots, like these Wellies:

And maybe find a big, bright umbrella:

And go jumping in puddles!

Much more fun then staying in!
Happy weekend!!


  1. Love the color combo, so cheery for an otherwise grey day.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, no matter what the weather does.

  2. Jumping in puddles :). I love the smell of the air when it rains. You can sit inside and read another day!