Monday, 18 July 2011

My Happy Place

My happy place is my grandparent's cabin.

In appearance, it looks more like a small house than a cottage. It has a faded blue colour, with a large window overlooking the dark, greener-than-green grass. The cabin is bordered by small evergreen trees. In the backyard, there is my grandmother's garden, where she plants flowers along the bank. Beyond the frontyard, a downhill wooded slope takes you to an expansive pond covered in lilypads and inhabited by ducks. Off to the side of the cabin, there is a stone path made by my grandfather that leads to another pond less crowded by lilypads and more suitable for swimming.

I guess it's my happy place because I spent the best parts of my childhood there. In the summer, we played hide and go seek with my cousins. I roasted marshmallows and picked blueberries and went swimming in the pond when it was most likely too cold to swim. In the winter, we'd take rides on my grandfather's skidoo and go sliding down the snowy banks and ice skate. My grandparents would spoil us by feeding us Poptarts for breakfast and desserts for every meal. It was my happiest time, because it was a time I felt the most like myself, and the biggest worries would be sunburns or fly bites or being forced to go to bed too early.

Ny two sisters and I are planning to go to the cabin for a weekend in September. I can't wait. Do you have any places like this?

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